Cheap Ticket Thursdays at Virgin Bingo

Added 2013-01-02 08:32:15

If you have checked your bank balance lately, chances are it will be decimated after the the festive excess. And at Virgin Bingo, you'll find just the answer in the form of Cheap Ticket Thursday. You can play in the Shanghai room for just 2p a ticket, and it's open between 12 PM and 2 PM, and once again between 6 PM and midnight. These are 90 ball games so every round has three chances to win – cover one line to win the smallest prize, cover two lines to win the middle prize, and cover three to win the jackpot. More info.

Then there are the exciting Roll On games. These play seven days a week from 8 PM in the Marrakesh room – Mr Branson has priced tickets for 5p each, and prizes are an impressive £50. Here's how it works – the one and two line prizes are won as normal, and then the full house prizes keep on coming.

Join Virgin today for a £50 welcome bonus and to enjoy the huge variety of games such as Joker Jackpot, and Deal Or No Deal.

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Written by Tracy Garnett.