Check Out A New Bingo Site Here

Added 2010-12-11 13:01:25

Don't forget if you are unsure about a site featured here on the oh my bingo site you can read up on other members reviews for that online bingo site or why not write your own news article asking for peoples opinions and thoughts on what they think are good and bad sites.

I have written a few in the past asking on peoples opinions and thoughts on some sites and the response has always been great . it is always nice to get opinion and thoughts of others who have been and tried out some thing before you go there . redeem for free bingo cash to try it out if you want a first hand look at a particular site i would suggest a £5 redeem just to try out sites.

Remember there are a few sites that only let you enter certain rooms and stuff if you are not a dsepositer on that site so be sure to ask read up reviews and take a look first so you dont waste any precious gold on redeeming for a restrictive site then when you are a fully deposting member you can use bigger redeems for bigger free cash gl all x