Check Out Adbreak Bingo at Jackpot Joy Bingo

Added 2011-02-15 16:07:25

Hi just found an email from jackpot joy bingo with another great free promotion. It must have started yesterday and grrr i missed it but it goes on until Sunday so at least i only missed one day.

If you log in to your jackpot joy bingo account every day before 2 pm, on the home page you will see a promotion for deal or no deal ad break bingo, when you click on this you have 7 boxes to click to see what your numbers are. The draw will take place on deal or no deal at 4 pm on channel 4, or you can log in to your account after 5 pm to see what the winning numbers were.

The prize is £250,000 omg can you imagine winning that amount of money for free woo hoo would definitely be a holiday this year.

I love jackpot joy bingo it is a great site with lots of great promotions and lots of them for free, i log in every day to play the free fishing game and have won free spins quite a few times. Most weeks i get the 5 free spins and once even got the 50 free spins.