Check out terms on Foxy Bingo promotions

Added 2010-10-20 12:42:58

there has been some offers that sound realy good lately but there is al ways a catch so my advice is to be on the safe side and all ways read the small print dont forget guys these site are there to make money and though these offers sound to good to be true it is because most of them are to good to be true for example the foxy bingo site has run a promo in the form of that it is a win win situation it said if you play games at a certain time and you do not win they will re fund all your losings for that time frame well i got news for you if you read the small print if you get down to a 2tg or 1 tg that is classed as a win

therfore you will jot receive any of your losings back they class as a win because on site there is a 1tg and 2 tg room where if you get down to 1 or 2 you will receive a small consellation prize hence you won some thing they had this promo in there minds whilst coming up with this room not a bit soft are they ?