Check out the 15 quid free from Landmark Bingo

Added 2010-12-17 13:41:06

If you join this bingo site you get £15 FREE so you can have a good look around and see if this is the bingo site for you. I had £2.82 in my BONUS MONEY so i thought i'd give it ago and try my luck but did'nt have any lol.  Sorry but this bingo site is not to my liking, rooms are very selected to choose from, so not much choice overall. The design of the bingo site shows due the name of it but thats about it really. They do have 75 rooms and 90 rooms, but i did'nt look for anymore so i cannot comment on that and PJP'S. They do that 1TG on the FULL HOUSE and you share that with all people who won on the full house which is not a bad idea.

Just because Landmark Bingo is not for me it could be the one for you, so guys and girls give it a try and you may surprise yourself and like it.  So everyone out there who reads this the very best of luck to you and i hope you like this site more then i did and most important you WIN LOL.