Check Out The New Jackpot Joy Bingo Game While at Work

Added 2013-10-28 09:29:56

Another boring Monday morning coming up, or so we think. Instead at my place of work we have a laugh. My work mates and me usually have a lunchtime break by playing Jackpot Joy Bingo. it is great fun, especially with all the different rooms.

At the moment they have a Wizz called Game Show Challenge. the music does sort of take you back to The Price is Right in the 1980's. In between the bingo games is a nutty episode where you have to burst ballons , shoot at a Sumo wrestler or bunge your way to free tickets in the next game. Keeps you going even if you cannot manage to win money.

Quite a laugh as we all take turns in being just as bad as one another. So, have a go. The chat rooms are really really friendly, and the hosts are all based in the UK. Good game.