Check Out the Pot Of Gold at The End of the Lucky Rainbow

Added 2014-08-06 08:07:27

Lucky Rainbow is set to launch any day now. This fresh and funky site from the massive 15 network is eagerly awaited by UK bingo players who are keen to see exactly what the outstanding opening offer is going to be.  15 have also just brought out Bingo Hombre, an exciting new site where the sign up offer includes the chance to win a trip to Mexico. Sometimes people accuse some of the fifteen network sites of being too similar but considering they've now opened over twenty sites it would be difficult to make them all totally unique. More info on Lucky Rainbow Bingo.

But by using different prizes and promotions on each site they do manage to give a sense of uniqueness to most of the sites. I love te effort they put into the themes on their sites, they are clever and well thought out. Being part of such a big network they've got their bingo down to a fine art - you know you'll always have smooth gameplay that doesn't lag or freeze!

Lucky Rainbow is set to be one of the most popular offerings on the 15 network and it's no surprise. With a generous match deposit bonus and a chance to have a spin of the wheel and win up to two grand, you may just find your own little pot of joy at the end of that rainbow! You'll totally love Lucky Rainbow Bingo.

Good Luck, Oh My Bingo Roomies!

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