Checking 3rd party online bingo emails

Added 2011-09-07 14:18:38

Well as you may have seen I have already posted a moan about bingo sites offering deposit bonus codes etc and how I had been robbed lol of my bonus.

 I would like to say that after a second visit with live help  at Tea and bingo that the 100% deposit code offered over the bank holiday weekend was credited to my account .(I think I forgot to put them on my origanal post : ) However the likes of cheeky bingo and 888 games never fulfilled the offer,which I find odd and has me wondering why.

I am sure that most of us have agreed to our email addresses being given to peeps outside the Bingo site as they sometimes have offers you may be interested in. We all fill in our details and more often than not there is a box to tick asking if you would like to hear from 3rd parties outside of the bingo site or what ever it is your signing up for. So if at any point you have been  asked the question and clicked the box then how many times has your email address been given out ???

When I read the emails for the bingo bonus offers for both 888 games and Cheeky Bingo I never thought to double check that this was a genuine offer and assumed as it was 2 well known sites everything would be fine and dandy but when looking back over the emails it was NOT an email direct from the site but one with some random ladies name on it.

I know that another free site says that if you register an account at caesars bingo that you'll get £5.oo free and I know from being in the caesars chat room a few times that new peeps have asked about the free fiver to be told that this was an offer back over a year ago and is no longer on.

So my point is that our email addresses are probably flying around all over the place and although it may not be a bogus offer it could well be an old offer/promo you are being sent and the 3rd party  sending you the info may well not have updated the info for the site.

I am sure you are all not as daft as me and that before depositing you double check the offer being sent but if like myself you don't then now is the time to start,especially the emails sent from 3rd parties.

Hope what I am saying make sense lol xx

wish you all gl xx