Checking if I had bingo bonus points at old sites

Added 2010-11-10 17:03:46

Hi ya all just wanted to share one of my bingo niggles with you all. Mainly to get myself some points(I've run out again)  and to see if anyone feels the same.

I was going through all my old bingo sites I've deposited on looking to see if i had any credits or BBS I'd forgot about.

It was taking me ages and become quite annoying  this was because I had to try about 100 (5 or 6) user names on each site before I was able to log into my account. There was some bingo sites where i couldn't log in at all. I try to use the same user name and password on every site however my first choice of user name is rarely available. I have no problem with my password which is always excepted. Thats why it confuses me has to why there is always a recover password link but no way of recovering my user name. Some bingo sites even change your chosen user nameinto a 12 digit number which is impossible to remember. Yes I know account details are emailed to me when I first join but I delete my emails after a while and if I didnt there would be so many to go through it would take forever.

does anyone else have this problem?