Cheeky Bingo Big Giveaway Right Now

Added 2012-03-18 06:52:44

Just thought I would let you all know that cheecky bingo are having a massive £1000 weekly free giveaway at the moment running from 12th March all the way through to 1st April. The site is free to join and they have many many free bingo rooms 24 hours a day. Cheeky Bingo funded players also get access to two special £25 and £50 rooms every 2 hours!

On top of the £1000 weekly giveaway, which also includes 1tg and 2tg shared prizes, they are giving away £100 every day in the special Oooh Cheecky Boom Boom Room. Although free ticket purchases normally run into the 1000's on these games I would highly recommend everyone enters, someone has to win the big prize don't they?:D

If this wasn't enough to get you interested they are also offering another special room just for mother's day, entitled the Cheecky Mama's Room. You can win £50 vouchers for as little as 10p a ticket.

The free rooms have recently changed as well. Before they had prizes ranging upto £50 in a select few rooms now they have spread the prizes across more rooms for less. Although this might sound like a bad thing I can atest to the fact you now acctually win more!

As I said before it's free to join soo for a few clicks who knows, be lucky people:D