£171,000 Jackpot Won at Buzz Bingo

Added 2019-08-19 08:56:00

Just another day of bingo in Southampton’s Buzz Bingo hall... until the number 55 was called and suddenly one lucky player’s life was changed forever.

Gareth Bedford was playing at the club with family when he hit the full house, but initially didn’t realise how significant his win was. Calling house on double numbers (i.e. 33, 44) means snagging a jackpot at the Buzz Bingo club, but what Mr Bedford didn’t realise was that the jackpot had rolled over for several weeks.

Mr Bedford had not, in fact, won a couple of thousand, but rather he had scooped the lifechanging amount of £171,546.

Buzz Bingo is the rebranded face of Gala Bingo’s clubs, and there are 126 locations across the UK. Gala Bingo clubs were shifted to Buzz Bingo in September 2018, and have been very popular. Buzz Bingo also has an online site where players can enjoy bingo games and slots from their own homes.

Mr Bedford was said to be “ecstatic” with the win, and Southampton club Buzz Bingo Antelope Park will be celebrating his win with a members’ party at the end of the month.