Get Ready for a Gold Rush at Mecca Bingo

Added 2018-08-10 15:37:00

With the weather staying hot out there, it’s time for a Gold Rush at Mecca Bingo. This sizzling hot promotion is here to get players cashing in on a range of excellent prizes. Have we piqued your interest? Keep reading to find out how you can enter into this promotion…

There’s a total of £1.6million on offer during the month, so make sure you take part if you want to get your share of that prize pool. This is a big jump up in jackpots for players here, so it’s well worth making sure you take part in this promotion. This is taking place all through August, so make sure you go ahead and join in at least once!

Within any given week in this promotion, there’s £416k to be won. Part of this is £100k to be won on Friday and Saturday. The cost of the tickets vary from week to week, from just a penny to a pound. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to be able to take part, which is great for players that fancy being a bit frugal.

You can go ahead and prebuy your tickets to these games, which is a great idea if you want to take part in them all. The Gold Rush room is where you’ll want to play to take part in this promotion, so take a look in the lobby to find out more. You can also read through the terms and conditions to find out more about the promotion too.

That’s not the only promotion that you’ll find at Mecca either! They’re positively bursting at the seams with brand new promos for their players this month, so you can go ahead and look forward to a load of them. As you peruse their lobby, you’ll find a spate of brilliant promotions, with all sorts of ways to get more for your money.

If you’re a savvy player, then you can also take part in their other promotions too. Get your skates on if you want to take part in these ones, as they won’t be around for quite as long!

If you’ve not played on their Emoji Burst variant quite yet, then there’s no better time to try it out. It has a whole load of great prizes as standard, but this month they’ve really upped their game. This includes free roll on bingo each weekend when you play this game during the week. With up to £500 to be won in these games, it’s well worth your time taking part.

There are also some great promos in there for those that like a bit of slot game fun. They’ll give you extra free spins and perks for taking part. Some are only short term, so if you want to get involved you’ve got to be quick.

Mecca Bingo seem to be favouring these enhanced jackpots at the moment and it’s fab for players. Get started playing there for your chance to win.