Mecca Bingo Introduce New Game

Added 2018-10-01 13:48:00

We always look forward to playing new games with sites like Mecca Bingo. On their site this week, you’ll see a brand new game to play on – Best Odds Bingo, or BOB for short. We’ve been getting to know BOB and have some interesting information to share on this new form of bingo. If you want to learn more about the latest bingo game hitting your screen, then you’re in the right place!

So what is BOB Bingo?

The ethos of this bingo game is to make it fair for everyone and give players a better chance of winning, sounds good right? So how do they do this?

Well, in each room for this bingo games, there’s a limit on the total number of players. 25 players are allowed in each room and each of these players has the same number of bingo tickets. It’s sounding pretty fair for us so far!

It’s a 50 ball bingo game, so it’s a super speedy game to get playing on. Mecca Bingo have done the maths and they figure that if you play this game for just an hour, you’ve got a 72% likelihood of winning a full house. As everyone is playing with the same number of tickets and the rooms aren’t overcrowded, you’re more likely to be a winner.

During this the early stages of the game, Mecca Bingo are sweetening the pot with some additional cashback too. When you play £10 or more on this game and if you aren’t lucky enough to win a full house, you’ll be credited your wagers back as cashback. This will be the case all the way up to the 22nd of October, giving players more than enough time to give this game a go and put it through its paces.

Too Good to be True?

While we’re all on board with the idea of a fairer bingo game, we want to make sure that this really is the case. With the cashback system in place on the site, there’s no way you’re going to lose out with this game. However bear in mind the fact that when cashback is given as a bonus, you will have to satisfy the wagering requirements.

Limiting the amount of tickets that you can get in the game will definitely make the game fairer. If you want to play responsibly and don’t want to spend too much on your tickets then this is a good way to play. It means that you’ll be playing with just as much chance of winning as your fellow players, regardless of how much cash they have to splash on the game.

Overcrowded bingo games can be an issue for players too, so limiting the numbers here will help out. We hope that all players that want to join in still can though, as these rooms might sell out!

If you want to be in it to win it, then head over to Mecca Bingo. Try out this new game in their lobby now.