Rosy Bingo Gives Away a Brand New Car!

Added 2018-06-06 07:07:00

The newly rebranded Rosy Bingo is saying out with the old and in with the new. They’ve come from the ashes of Rehab Bingo and they’re certainly creating an interesting new prospect for their players. This promotion is live all month long, so make sure you get your slice of the action.

About the Promotion This promotion is live now and in it, you have the chance to get your hands on a brand new VW Up.We can see ourselves speeding around in this car already, or if you don’t fancy this you can go ahead and take a £10K cash alternative! This is a promotion worthy of your time for sure, which will giveyou the chance at some amazing prizes.

This is the cool new promotion that will totally knock your socks off! To take part in this, you have to head over to their site for starters, if you’re a new player then you can use their 200% welcome offer. This is a great way to start your time with them!

There are loads of Win A Car games throughout the month, though there’s only one car to be won. It has to be win within a set number of calls for the car prize to be released. This is an exciting promotion to watch over the course of the month, as you never know when it could be won.

The ball count increases each game, so you’ve got more of a chance of winning as the time goes on.With so many different promotions to play on, this is just one of the many that you could be checking out.

Win a BBQ too! There’s also a BBQ promotion up to win too. This is our ideal promotion for the summer, as we can see ourselves having a few parties with this one. This is another cool promotion that will have you enjoying some more fun over the month.

There are a total of five of these BBQs to be won over the course of the month. This gives you more than enough chances to win in their promotion this month. If you’re not much of a grill master, then you could opt for the £400 cash alternative.There’s one of these up for grabs each Saturday night at 8pm. Make sure you’re in these games for your chance to win one of the prizes. Both of these are networked games too, so you can take part on any of their sister sites as well. It’s certainly looking busy on this site this month, with even more promotions joining these two.

With a load of great promotions, Rosy Bingo is really standing out for us now. They might have had a couple of bumpy weeks after the rebrand but we’re happy to say that they’re back on top. If you’re not a player on this site yet, then we’d suggest getting over there to make sure you get your mitts on some prizes!