Tombola Invite Players to a Summer BBQ

Added 2018-08-24 11:30:00

Is there anything better than a BBQ in the summer months? The good news this month is that players at Tombola don’t even need to go outside for all this fun. Instead, Tombola is inviting them to a Summer Pulse BBQ on their site, with plenty of treats on offer. We’ll be there, will you?

Guaranteed Prizes for Players

The BBQ will kick off each week for Tombola players, with some sizzling hot prizes of course. These games take place on each Friday in August, so you have to move fast if you still want to be able to take part in this one. From 8pm to 10pm, you’ll be in it to win guaranteed prizes all night long!

The ticket prices vary over this period but on the whole they’re pretty cheap. If you like frugal fun, then you’ll be quite happy playing in these games. The prizes vary throughout the course of the night too, so you’ll get a varied experience throughout the night.

The jackpots of these games range from £10 to £200, with the ticket prices rising with the prizes. It can be worth it to spend a bit more to get in with the chance of winning those bigger prizes. This will give you the chance to get your hands on bigger and better prizes if you fancy.

Bank Holiday Back2Back

If you’re already looking forward to the bank holiday this Monday, then there’s another fun promotion for you to get to grips with too. As you enjoy your day off, you can get playing on the their big jackpot games all day long. If you want your bank holiday to go off with a bang, then there’s no better place to play.

There are 22 consecutive Link games in the bingo Lite room, which will start you off with at least a £300 jackpot. Then, these jackpots can rise up to £800 as the evening continues! Then, you should pop into the bingo 90 room for another 11 games. In this room, the jackpots start at a whopping £3K and then rise up to £8K. This will definitely keep you excited over the course of the day off.

Social Media Prizes

If you’re always on Facebook then make sure you give this site a like too. They have loads of different promotions and competitions on there to keep you playing in style. This will give you the chance to add some more to your bingo budget, with some special offers to give you some additional bonuses.

You can take part, have a gossip and get to know your fellow roomies. This is a great extension of their community and it’s made even better with some cool competitions too. If you like to get extra chances to win, without spending a lot of extra money then you’ll have a great time with their Facebook page.

That’s just about everything they have going on at the moment, but make sure you check back with us for the newest bingo promotions.