UKGC Outlaws Credit Card Gambling

Added 2020-05-07 09:45:00

Last month, the UKGC banned credit cards from being used on UK gambling sites, but how have the sites themselves changed since?

You may have heard that credit cards have now been banned from online gambling sites in the UK. Whether in the news, on a forum, or on a favourite gambling site, the topic has been widely discussed, but now that the dust has settled, how have things changed?

All online gambling sites must be licensed by the UKGC in order to operate legally in the UK. This helps ensure customers are protected, high standards are met, and all sites are operating legally and fairly. When the credit card ban came into effect on 14th April, any site licensed by the UK Gambling Commission must no longer gambling with credit cards or other forms of credit on their site. This meant a big shake up for the UK online gambling community, but it seems that most gambling companies have taken this in their stride.

Sites have been updated without much delay across the industry, possibly owing to the fact that the legislation change was announced in good time before it came into effect. Most gambling sites offered multiple ways to deposit from the start, so players were left with plenty of alternatives.

Though it is still too soon to definitively say whether the credit card ban will help to protect online gambling players, there are hopes across the industry that removing the option to gamble with credit will be a positive step for players nationwide.