Wish Bingo Updates their Look

Added 2018-09-14 09:05:00

Wish Bingo is a great site to play on, but they've went the extra mile making things even more interesting for their players. With a brand new look, it's all change at Wish Bingo, we've been playing there and we're here to report back on what has been updated.

What's the New Site Like?

Overwhelmingly, the new site is a lot more grown up and modern. Gone are the cartoons and genies, which have been replaced by a pastel theme. The site is mostly purple, pink and blue – which is a refreshing change from the old, garish site. It's much easier to make your way around the site too, as you'll be able to navigate using the simple menu.

The site looks more like our favourite Pinterest boards and less like a cartoon Arabian nights theme now. While this change might not be for everyone, we're big fans of seeing how they've implemented this new theme. It's sparkly and magical, without relying on the same old cartoon characters that we can see all over the internet.

The lobby has also been updated to make the site feel fresher too. You can still play on all of your favourite jackpot games, but in a slightly different form. Again, this carries through the same theme as you see on the site, which is a lot sleeker than the previous one. If you weren't the biggest fan of the old theme then we'd suggest revisiting to see if the new one is more to your liking.

In the promotions section, there are still some good perks to get your hands on. We're surprised to see there aren't any new promotions to celebrate the new site, but perhaps this will come with time. You can see all of the latest winners on the site now too, so you can aspire to have your name up in lights too.

Overall, we think that this has been a massive improvement for the site and we're happy to have a few games there. It's less garish and cheesy, so it feels like an even better place to get your bingo fix.

Other Site Redesigns

Wish Bingo is a part of a much larger network, with other sites on there already having had their makeover. Sites like Sing Bingo on the same network have been totally revamped too, with a more adult theme, instead of childish cartoons.

There are still some sites on this network that need a bit of a refresh to bring them up to date. The likes of Treasure Bingo and Giant Bingo are still sporting the older theme, which looks dated when compared to the refreshed sites. Whether they will be updated or will simply cease to exist over time remains to be seen. This may represent more of an investment than the sites are worth for the owners.

If you want to see the improvements for yourself then check out the brand new Wish Bingo. You might just fall in love with this new theme.