New Terms on 15 Network

Hi all only me, well what can i say about this bonus money? Cheers David for you copy and paste news yawnnnnn.

I have just been on the 15 Network and played the VIP room.Oh my gosh the number of players has gone from 150 players plus to 30 players. Something tells me the software is not going to be around much longer. I  still did not win lol.

I feel sorry for the CM shes getting lots of flack, bang out of order! Ben you need to sort this out its ok for you to be sat at home watching emmeroids but your staff are getting hell about the bonus money.

Im for one closing my account on Elf and Tidy as for here, hey ive mailed lots to give the pay site a try.

After the new terms i doubt any oldies will play the chatterbox room which is a shame as i miss all our banter.

Good luck Ben getting players your sure going to need it!

Ps waves to all my buddies ive met through this site.

Theres always a ps lol

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