Jumpman Gaming Exclusively Employ UK Chat Hosts

Jumpman Gaming is now the only bingo company to exclusively employ UK chat moderators. Every other bingo site currently operating in the UK market has chosen to outsource the job to external economies. As a result, many would-be UK job hunters are missing out on the opportunity of employment. The team at Jumpman has decided to buck this trend, instead choosing to stand by their team of UK CMs.

The firm has a wealth of experience, having spent a considerable time in the market. As such, they have built up a strong base of loyal customers. It is in commitment to these customers that they have made the decision to stand by their UK chat moderators. Josh Gabriel, Customer Relations Manager at Jumpman Gaming, has stated that his bingo networks have proudly made the choice ‘to stand by our amazing UK team, to service our amazing UK customers’. A commitment to maintaining the same high level of service has and always will be paramount to the firm’s interests.

Jumpman Gaming is responsible for several of the highest profile sites operating in the bingo and online casino market. These fall into three unique and equally popular networks - 15 Network, the Wheel of Slots Network and Jumpman Slots. Launched in 2011, 15 Network comprises of a host of bingo sites such as Cheers Bingo, Rocket Bingo, Charming Bingo and Dove Bingo.

Launched in 2015, The Wheel of Slots Network is a fun twist on traditional bingo networks. Whilst many others have opted to stick with tried and tested methods of rewarding players using bingo bonuses, the Wheel of Slots Network dolls out free spins and cash that is available across both bingo and slots. It’s the perfect option for users who want the opportunity to play both bingo and slots, without having to visit two separate sites.

Jumpman Gaming has recently diversified into slots-focused sites such as Dove Slots and Top Dog Slots. These focus specifically on instant win and casino games. Sites on this network have free spins and deposit bonuses to welcome new customers and over 100 games, many of which are exclusive to the new network.

The team at Jumpman Gaming hope to continue serving their customers’ needs, keeping their interests at the centre of every decision. Gabriel concluded, ‘having UK chat moderators who can understand and empathise very British problems such as Brexit, Corrie, the X Factor and the weather, is paramount to our service’.

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