Win a Holiday from Iceland Bingo

It’s cold out there and many of us are thinking about a week or two in the sun.

To jump in on this and help their players do just that Iceland Bingo are throwing a massive bash with a luxury holiday on offer.

If you’re a sun seeker then you’ll definitely want to get in on this game.

The big game doesn’t take place until April, the 17th at 8pm to be exact, but there’s one reason you’ll want to buy your tickets.

Until the end of January, you’ll be able to take advantage of a big sale on tickets, so you can help yourself to even more of them.

Instead of the usual ticket price of £1, you’ll be able to pick them up for just 50p a pop.

That means you can double up your tickets and spend less, what’s not to love about that?

With a maximum of 96 tickets available per player you can really make a killing with this offer.

The next two weeks will be bound to be busy with players buying their tickets, so you’ll want to make sure you get yours. The game could potentially sell out before January is over, players that want to take part should move fast.

The game itself is one of many jackpot bingo games on that night, as they have quite the party set up for the occasion.

This includes games in the run up, voucher games and loads of jackpots.

This is bound to be a night of excellent bingo fun so you’ll want to make sure that you’re a part of it.

Iceland Bingo often give players vouchers so these games are just made even better with extra jackpots.

The big game takes place at 8pm on the dot and players will be invited to this 90 ball bingo room. The top prize for the full house winner is a massive £5K in holiday vouchers, just imagine where you could find yourself with that.

Then, the 2L winner will be given a £3K voucher and 1L will get £2K. These are all amazing prizes and could send you jet setting around the world in no time. As you can see, there are many chances to win in this game and at just 50p a ticket you’d be mad not to join in.

After the game, you can indulge in yet another hour of bingo with more holiday voucher prizes.

There are ten games coming up in the next hour, each with a £500 holiday voucher for the full house winner. While that might not be enough to send you to Las Vegas, it’s still a brilliant addition to your holiday fund.

Then you can get down to planning where you’d like your voucher to take you this year.

As the prizes are all vouchers, you can spend them on just about any experience from a travel agent. You won’t be stuck with a holiday you don’t love as you can pick every aspect about it!

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