Fantasy Football Gameweek 24

Hi everyone,

Our apologies for the late crediting of your Fantasy Football Bingo Cash.

Our techie team is working on it and you will all be credited for week 24 very very soon. 

But in the meantime, what is going on with Ben and Chet?

Well, it seems to be good news for all of you roomies who manage to beat both of them in Gameweek 24, earning you each £3 of OhMyBingo cash:

rosienanny -£3 OhMyBingo cash
rainbowgirl40xxx -£3 OhMyBingo cash
onbo666 -£3 OhMyBingo cash
wmiddy -£3 OhMyBingo cash
cagsywagsy1 -£3 OhMyBingo cash

Well done to rosienanny who has managed to stay in lead for a second week in a row!

Can all of you continue to beat Ben and Chet in Gameweek 25?

We will have to wait and see...

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