Sky Bingo Add New Variant and Offer

We love new ways to play bingo so when we heard Sky Bingo was adding in a new one, we were over the moon. Their new Tipping Point room seems set to mix things up a bit and really change what you expect from the site. To kick off this variant in style, they’ve also added in a new offer to make things more exciting for players looking to test out the game.

This 40 ball game is based on the popular ITV show of the same name. If you’ve ever watched the show then you’ll know the jackpot teeters on the edge while the players toss coins in. It’s sort of like a penny falls machine but with a bit of added challenge in there too. The bingo variant based on it has a similar system, with up to £1000 teetering in each room for you to claim.

The game itself seems set to revolutionise the lobbies at Sky Bingo, with loads of special features to make it exciting. The 40 ball format means it’s super fast paced and it will suit even the busiest of players. These games are sure to be busy from the start and cards are restricted to 30 per player. They range from 10p to 25p per ticket, which means you can start playing this game without spending a lot on tickets.

To encourage new players to give this game a go, they’re now splitting their 400% bonus between regular games and Tipping Point Bingo. This is a great deal as it allows you to get in on the action with both of these games. This is the perfect bonus for players that want to try out this game as well as a few others on the site.

The jackpot action will be happening in this Tipping Point Bingo room around the clock. The jackpots in this room are fab and you can even win bingo bonuses when you play in the free round. If you’re a funded player then you can enjoy this free bingo room without spending a penny. It’s a great way to get acquainted with the game and experience the action before you choose to splash out on tickets.

There are loads of communal jackpots to be won too, this means that you’re much more likely to win part of the jackpot. They even have 1TG and 2TG prizes for you to get your hands on. Any time the number 12 is called, these jackpots will get even bigger too, so you’ll want to keep your fingers crossed! The jackpot games are constant and they have loads of varied offers, including BOGOF bingo tickets.

These games are breathing new life into Sky Bingo and we can’t wait to have a go. With all of the extra jackpots and offers coming to this bingo site to celebrate the release, it’s a brilliant time to get playing there. If you love to try out something new then this bingo site will have you covered!

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