Earn your Tickets to the March Makeover at Bet365 Bingo

If you’re looking to spruce up your home and give it a bit of a makeover then you have to play at Bet365 Bingo this month. You’ll be hitting the shops with loads of lolly to spend on a decorative boost if you do! Just in time for spring cleaning, this promotion is just the thing for players looking to spice up their décor.

For the next four weeks on this bingo site, players will be fighting it out against one another to win a top prize of £1K. This is a fab promotion as only regular players are able to earn their tickets to the prize game, which means it’s a loyalty perk too. This promotion is happening all the way through March, so you can use it to spice up your bingo time all month long.

These games will take place through the week in the Shopping Mall room, at various times throughout the day. Every time you win in one of these games then you’ll gain a ticket into the finale game that you can win that cash in. You’ll need to play at 11am to 12pm, 3.30pm to 5.30pm and then 8.30pm to 10.30pm from Monday to Sunday to earn your tickets to these games.

When you play in these games, you don’t need to spend a lot to get your freebie tickets. Tickets cost just 5p a pop and there’s a £5 jackpot in each of them, as well as those tickets to the finale. Each week, you can earn up to 36 tickets to the game at the end of the week.

When you head triumphantly into the All Winners Finale game then you will be playing for a few different prizes. One thing that you can look forward to is that you won’t leave the room empty handed, as there are community prizes to be shared too. This no lose bingo game is ideal for those that want to play through the week to look forward to a prize on the Sunday.

The prizes in the finale room are shared, so there’s plenty to go around for all the players. For the FH winner, you’ll be walking away with £1K in cash to spend on homewares or whatever you like. The 2L winner will receive £50 and 1L will win £25, all cash prizes free of those pesky wagering requirements.

For the rest of the players that don’t win in this game, there’s a £250 communal jackpot to be shared out. The more tickets you have to the game, the larger your share of this communal jackpot will be as it’s based on the total tickets in play. This will be credited as bingo bonus funds so you can get splashing out with them in other games.

If your home could use some refreshment or if you just fancy getting your hands on some cash then take part in these games throughout this month. They’re super rewarding and definitely fun to play in.

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