Custom Games at Tombola Bingo

There are so many sites out there that all seem to offer the same things. Tombola Bingo is a great site to play on if you want to try out some superb custom games that will really knock your socks off!

As far as hybrid gaming options go, there are a fair few of them when you play with Tombola Bingo. Most of them take an element of bingo and then add them to another game, like Bingo Roulette. This takes all the fun of a bingo game and switches it up with some table game fun. Just place your chips on the board and then when the numbers are called they’ll be marked. When you have all eight numbers sorted, you’ll be a winner.

They also have the fantastically exclusive Pulse bingo game. This is a special speed bingo game, which you play with just 36 balls. It’s super-fast and they always have some great jackpots in these rooms too. It’s a two tier jackpot game that will allow you to win one prize if you get the bingo in 19 calls but a larger one if you get it in just 16. The design of the game is pretty cool, with floating cards that you can click on to mark your numbers.

If you’d like to try a little something different then there are other custom games here too. These include the likes of Hamster Race, which is an incredibly cute game. Place from 25p on your chosen hamster and the game will begin. The cartoon creatures will scamper from one side of the track to another, if yours wins then you’ll get a jackpot!

Those that really want to get the adrenaline rushing in can play the Battleships game too. Just like the board game, you want to correctly guess where those ships are hiding before your own ships are blown up. This game has a max jackpot of £2,500 so it’s a bit more exciting than your average board game for sure. It’s a twist on a classic game that will be sure to help you on your way to a massive jackpot.

Finally, our last pick from the Tombola Bingo gaming lobby is Cinco, which is a super card game. You’ll get five cards to start the game off and you’ll want to watch the ones the dealer is picking from the deck. This is just like bingo, the aim is to match your cards with the ones that the dealer is putting out there before anyone else. The rooms are themed on famous luxury holiday destinations, like St Tropez and Istanbul. This is a hosted game too, so you can get chatting to others as you enjoy all of the card game action.

Tombola Bingo also has all of the standard bingo games that we love around the clock, including 75 and 90 ball too. With so much to choose from, you’ll want to check out their mobile app to play on the move too.

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