Head Over to City Bingo to Play for Love 2 Shop Vouchers

We’ve been on a mission recently to find the best bingo offers and this has led us to City Bingo. This is one of our favourite Cassava sites and players can enjoy both bingo and slots on City Bingo. There are some excellent promotions to enjoy on this site and this month there are some big prizes to play for. If you’re a bingo player looking for some great offers then City Bingo could be the perfect place to play some games so what exactly is there to play for this month?

We’ve just entered July and already City Bingo has their July promotional offer up and running. Marbs Style is live now and there are big prizes to play for! The promotion has been live since 3rd July and is available until the 17th July. The site wants their players to splash out on killer heels, lashes and lipstick so there are £500 of Love2Shop vouchers up for grabs! The best part is that you can win for nothing. This is a bingo promotion so players can bingo their way to success.

Collecting cards is the key to this promotion and the jackpot game will be a 90 ball bingo game that will take place on the 17th July at 10pm so entries after this date will not qualify towards the prize draw. There are a couple of ways to collect cards with a £10 deposit resulting in a single card or if you spend £20 on other games then you will be able to play in the jackpot game without paying. Further bingo cards can also be purchased in the lobby for £2 or you can swap for 10 diamonds.

The best bit is that you can collect as many cards as you want (up to 96). The promotional period is 3rd-17th July and you can collect cards up to 16th July. All extra cards will be allocated on the day of the 90 ball game before it begins. This is a 90 ball game so the prize will be split with a full house win resulting in £250 in vouchers, a 2 line win resulting in £150 in vouchers and a 1 line win resulting in £100 in vouchers so there are 3 chances to win in total which is great.

If there are multiple winners then there will be an equal share of the cash alternative distributed to all players who manage to complete their bingo card. Players may have to confirm their prizes so as always, it is extremely important that players make sure that their City Bingo account details are up to date. New players can also take part in this offer by singing up for a City Bingo account. New players can also claim the welcome bonus but you should note that this cannot be used to purchase tickets for Marbs Style. Good luck collecting cards and you never know, you might just win!

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