Play in the Mythical Creatures Event at Bingo Hollywood

It’s all kicking off again at Bingo Hollywoodwith another massive team event. This one is all based on mythical creatures and will have you winning a legendary jackpot in a flash. As ever, the most important thing is to take part often to make sure you’re in the winning streak. We’re down to the last moments of this team event, though you can still find yourself taking part.

The first step in the process is to join your team, which will give you a group of bingo players to help out. These will be the people that you must play alongside for your chance at greatness, so you’ll all need to help each other out. These games are all about joining in and taking part in the bingo fun with your fellow roomies, so expect a lot of chat.

This is the very last weekend of the competition, so you won’t have to wait long before those results are revealed. You’ll still have time to make your mark on the competition though and every point counts! You’ll want to play bingo in the Red Carpet Room to win points for your team, each bingo will earn you a total of 10 points.

They want you to pop into the dragons, unicorns, fairies and mermaids teams. These are your teams that you’ll need to join in on to make the most of this promotion. The bingo rooms are pretty cheap to play in so you can take part all weekend long if you want to really help your team out. The groups all have team spirit, so you can cheer each other on in the room.

The prizes in this promotion are all Star Points, which you can later trade in for bingo bonuses. These will help you play in the long term and even have some fun in other bingo rooms. There are some wagering requirements to do with this process, make sure you take a look on our site for more. These are all laid out simply, so you can inform yourself before you get playing.

The top team will get millions of these points to play with, which will come in pretty handy on the site. They’ll be playing in style in a range of rooms, but it’s not just the winners that take home these points. All of the teams will get a prize to share and those that have helped their teams the most will get more of the prize. This room is open from 7pm to 11pm every night, so you can take part for nine hours until the end of the promotion, plenty of time to help your team out!

We simply love the team events at Bingo Hollywood, as they give us so much extra to look forward to. This fantasy themed promotion will be a lot of fun for you too, spicing up your bingo people with a lot of additional fun. We can’t wait to see what they have next!

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