Feel the Love Over at Sing Bingo

If you want to really feel the love from your bingo site then you have to take part in this latest promo from Sing Bingo. They’re upping the game with a fab range of chat games for their players, we’ve got all of the details that you need to take part here. Don’t delay in getting your kicks on this promotion.

Sing Bingo are well known for their quirky and fun promotions, this one fits right into these categories too. With this latest promotion, you’ll need to get chatting and interacting with others in order to win big. It starts today and will keep going for another two months, with hundreds of prizes to be won.

This is a chat promotion with a difference, as you’ll be assigned your own special number to watch out for. You can take part in it each week day to really put the scores on the doors and rack up those big numbers. When you enter a room, the chat host will tell you your number, then just play bingo as usual – but keep that number in mind. You’ll need to be ready to type in the chat box as soon as it pops up, so you might want to put your cuppa down.

When the bingo balls are called, you can swoop in and earn points. Just type into the chat box ‘I spot my ball’ when your specific number is called and then you’ll win. There may be other roomies with the same number as you, so you’ll need to beat them to it if you want the points. The first player that types this phrase in will get 2 points for the tourney and 250 Sing Points too. You’ll also get to pick another roomie to share the joy with, they’ll get 250 Sing Points too. If you just miss out and come second then you’ll still get 1 point into the tourney.

At the end of the chat tourney, there are even more prizes to be doled out. The player with the highest number of points will get 5,000 Sing Points to spend as they choose! The second place winner will get 3,000 of these points and the player in third position will get 1,000 points. These points can be used for bonuses, free tickets and more – so they’re pretty handy to have in your bonus balance.

They encourage you to ask any chat host if you want more information on how the tourney works, but it’s generally pretty straightforward. Any funded roomie can vie for their chance to win the top prize in this promotion and there are a variety of rooms to take part in. The sessions last one or two hours each day and there’s a full schedule of where to take part on the site.

Sing Bingo really have done it again with this promotion and there’s a lot of prizes to be won in the duration. This site is always among our favourites and you’ll soon find out why if you give this promotion a go.

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