Thank you!

My name is James, and I would like too say a big thank you too those on this site who wrote the lovely articles about my Mum cat44joe (Donna), reading all your lovely comments still make me well up, and they really helped me when I was feeling low, this site has changed a lot since she last played but im sure she would still love it! I hope some of the members that used too play with her, read this because also I am so happy with how much you raised for macmillian, and also for the pictures, and the balloons you let go in her memory. The pictures I have got from the last OMB Meet have been the most comforting thing for me, as she looked so happy, and we was a family that did not take pictures so often so them pictures was the most recent pictures, and I still look at them too this day, so thank you for that too!

I will be popping on now and again in her memory as I feel close too her playing this site.

James x 

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