Only Three Days Left of the Paddy Power Bingo Christmas Giveaway

Christmas is now over but that does not mean that you need to succumb to the January blues just yet! There are still big prizes to play for in the £7M Christmas Giveaway so we decided to head over to Paddy Power Bingo to see what we could find. There are cash prizes and other goodies left to play for but with only three days left to play, you will need to be on your toes to get the most out of this offer. Luckily, we are here to help so keep reading if you want a chance to win big.

The £7M Christmas Giveaway has been in full swing for a few weeks now but it is set to conclude on the 5th January. However, Paddy Power Bingo still has plenty to give away in this bingo promotion and there are some fantastic rooms to choose from that could help you along the way to a bingo bonanza. Paddy Power has aimed to give out £7M in prizes but the site isn’t quite done yet and you could be the player to profit! All you need to get started is a Paddy Power Bingo account.

If you’re new to the site then you can sign up for an account and this only takes a couple of minutes. Existing players simply need to login and then you will be able to get started. Essentially, you simply need to play in some of the selected rooms to take part in this bingo promotion. The prizes in these rooms are enhanced so they are much larger than normal and players do not need to opt in to participate but what rooms are eligible for this offer on Paddy Power Bingo?

There are six selected rooms that you can choose to play in and these are the Gold Room, Deal or No Deal 90 & 75 rooms, the Diamond Room, the Crystal Room and finally, the Rainbow Riches room. However, our advice would be to check out the Gold Room from now until the 5th January as there are some big prizes to play for in this room during this period. Most of the prizes take the form of cash and players can play bingo in these rooms from 12pm to midnight for a chance at winning big.

Of course, there are terms and conditions to be aware of and we would recommend reading these on the Paddy Power Bingo website before you begin to play. This offer is available to both desktop and mobile players and you can download the Paddy Power app to play in these games as well. If you want to play for big cash prizes then be sure to head over to the site soon as this offer will end on the 5th January. Overall, we feel that there is still plenty to play for so head over to the site today to get started. Good luck!

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