Take Part in a Holiday Bonanza at Season Bingo

There’s a frosty new promotion and Season Bingo, though you could be headed to a sunnier climate thanks to the prizes. If you love jackpot bingo games and the chance of an escape, then this Season Bingo promotion is just right for you. We’ve got the full details on this promotion for you right here!

This is an Easter based promotion, so you’ll have to wait until the start of this month in order to play. While there might be a bit of a wait until then, the lobby is open and you can purchase your tickets right now. The game has a £600 prize pool and it’s all credited as holiday vouchers, or you could choose the cash alternative instead if you would prefer.

The prize pool will be split between three players, as this is a 90 ball bingo game. The full house winner takes the bulk of the prize as you would expect, with a prize of £300 to get started with. This is a pretty decent prize to get started with, though we’re not quite sure if you’d get a full holiday for that amount!

The rest of the pool is split with £200 going to the 2L winner and another £100 of prizes going to the 1L winner. The cash prize might be a more lucrative offer for players, as then you can go ahead and spend it where you like. It’s up to you whether you’d prefer to have the vouchers so you know you’ll have to arrange a holiday instead of just paying the bills.

Tickets to this game will cost you 20p each, so you can go ahead and treat yourself to more than a few of them. This is an excellent way to really enhance what you have to play with, as you could potentially be adding a big cash amount to your balance with just a 20p buy in. If you want to take part in this game, get your tickets now to avoid missing out.

There are loads of fantastic games on offer from this bingo site, not just this one. You can also look out for their weekly jackpot games in the lobby, which have hampers, cash prizes and more. The number of games on offer within the lobby is fantastic so you won’t get bored with the selection here. Their tickets are very reasonably priced too, meaning you can take part in as many as you like!

Check out the slot games that they have here if you want another bit of action. It’s a site filled with brilliant things to try out, so don’t be shy! These games can also be played through their mobile site, so you’ve got no excuse not to join in.

The welcome offer for Season Bingo consists of a 300% first deposit bonus, which is more than generous enough to tempt us. We think they’ve got a great thing going on this site, check it out if you want to get involved.

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