Get in Shape at Easter with Wish Bingo

Easter might be the time when we think about munching on chocolate and enjoying big familymeals, but Wish Bingo have a bit of a different take on the holiday. They’re not going down the route of sugary treats, instead they want their players to get active with the prizes in this jackpot game. If you still want to get your summer body then this might be the jackpot game for you.

The prizes will all be given away in a 90 ball bingo game, which takes place on the 2nd of April. This is technically after Easter, so perhaps the idea is that players will need the exercise after a long weekend of treats! There are a total of three prizes on offer, which is pretty generous for a bingo game.

The name of the game is Run Rabbit Run, and the prizes include a treadmill, trainers and a running shirt. All in all, that’s a prize pool of £300 of fitness gear, which could have you getting svelte for the summer season. If you’re not big into fitness then you can always request the cash alternative for these prizes instead, which you can then spend on more treats!

The tickets are 5p each and players are allowed to buy a maximum of 96 of them ahead of the game. The prebuy is available now, so if you fancy taking part in this game there’s nothing to stop you getting your tickets in advance. Considering there’s a pretty decent prize pool on offer, that’s quite a small buy in price.
If you’re in the mood for some chocolate, then you can also take part in their other jackpot games.

Coming up on the 28th of March, they’ve got a jackpot game with a chocolate hamper prize, which is worth £80! That’s got to be a lot of chocolate, right? This hamper comes from Emotions Exclusive, so it’s some great quality chocolate for you to sink your teeth into.

This game will be taking place at 10pm and the tickets are just 2p. This is the last of the Easter themed weekly jackpot games, we can’t wait to see which theme they go for next. Every week at Wish Bingo, there are penny jackpot games that come with a themed tangible prize. We love the fact that these games are so cheap to play but come with some pretty good prizes.

We’re pretty excited to see who will win all that running gear and the goodies too. We’d love to win any of these prizes, though our heart is definitely set on the goodies. We can see ourselves treating ourselves to some big gifts if we go for the cash alternative. These would be amazing gifts to get for such a small buy in, so we’d recommend splashing out!

Check out all these prize games at Wish Bingo if you want to be a big winner! We’ll be watching out for the winners in the coming weeks, good luck everyone.

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