Experience a Holiday Extravaganza at Iceland Bingo

Over the Easter bank holiday, we’re seeing a lot of sites tempting new players into their doors with big jackpot games. While many of them are focusing on dishing out chocolate, Iceland Bingo is taking a new approach to the holiday. We’ve scoped out their jackpot game and have all the details you need!

The big game will be taking place on the site at 8pm on Easter Sunday. Coincidentally, this is also April Fool’s Day but we assure you these prizes are all real! The game costs £1 a ticket, but when we tell you about the jackpots, you’ll understand why this one is a bit more expensive.

There are three prizes on offer on the main game, with a FH, 2L and 1L prize. The full house winner will be sitting pretty with a £4K holiday voucher, which can be used to take you to a range of destinations. We had a look around on some of our favourite travel sites and we’ve already got ideas of where we’d like to go.

If you don’t get your hands on the main prize, there are others to look forward to as well. The 2L winner will get a further £2,500 holiday voucher and for 1L there’s another £1,500 voucher. This is a fantastic pool of prizes, with more than enough to take you away.

Recently, we’ve seen other bingo sites giving away holiday vouchers, though frankly they were a lot less! At least if you win one of these prizes, you’ll actually be able to do on holiday without adding your own money into the mix. This is great, as we’ve seen sites giving away £300 in vouchers, which really wouldn’t take you very far!

As if that weren’t enough, there’s also an after party to keep you bingoing all the way through the bank holiday. After the big game, they’ve got penny tickets which will get you into the after party, where you could win more vouchers, free spins and bonuses. There’s another £2K to be shared in prizes during this time, so make sure you stick around for more fun.

There are a couple of terms in the fine print of the promotion, so take a look through them before you buy in. The room is open to prebuy at the moment, so if you really want to get in there you can buy them in advance. The penny tickets aren’t on sale until after the game though, so you’ll need to get these at the time.
One of the most important things to remember with this promotion is that your prize will be sent out via email. Ensure that your address is correct on your account if you don’t want to miss out.

Iceland Bingo is a fab site and this is another brilliant promotion to get taking part in. They’ve got loads of competitions on their Facebook page in the run up to the big day too, so be sure to take a look there also.

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