Heart Bingo are Ready for a Big Prize Draw

Heart Bingo are well known for big prize games, but we’ve not heard much from them so far in 2018. This is about to change though, as they’ve rolled out a big prize draw game that is taking place soon. If you want to know all about this game, then we’ve got all of the goss that you need to take part!

The promotion that you need to take part in is the Once in a Lifetime promotion, which you’ll be able to find on their site. This is a really big promotion, with a lot of prizes on offer so you have quite a big chance to be able to be a winner.

The top prize in the promotion is a once in a lifetime holiday, which will take an entire family to Florida on a Caribbean Cruise. We can practically see ourselves sunning ourselves on a massive cruise ship already. Whether you’re a fan of chilling by the pool or hitting up the parks, this holiday has it all!

The most important thing that you have to do to play in this promotion is to opt in! If you don’t go to the promotions page and hit this green button, then your entries won’t be counted and you won’t be in it to win it. Don’t forget this essential step or you will be missing out on the prizes we’re about to tell you about.

The prize draw is already underway and you have until the 8th of April to collect your entries into the draw. Each time you play £1 on their games, you’ll get another entry into this draw. This means that you don’t need to spend a lot in order to claim the maximum of 21 entries into the draw. With more entries, you have more chances to win, so what’s not to love about that? The fact you can play on any game is also a positive perk.

There are a total of 1001 winners to look forward to in this promotion, with one grand prize among them! 1000 of these prizes are random cash drops, which are won within the Box Bonanza game. These prizes cover all sorts of different amounts, the best part is they’re wager free!

The grand prize is worth a grand total of £20K, which will take four people away to Orlando. Prepare to be wined and dined as you stay at the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel. You’ll also get passes to the Universal Park and another £2K to spend how you please. After this holiday you don’t need to be sad, as you’ll then be away on a seven night cruise! You’ll get to visit Haiti, Jamaica and Mexico before heading home.

This is such a brilliant promotion from Heart Bingo and it well makes up for a few months without one from them. We’d love to win the grand prize, but we’d take a cash prize too! Imagine winning that big trip from staking £21 on your favourite bingo site, that would make our year!

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