Chit Chat Bingo Gears up for May 4th

Each year, our inner geek comes out on May 4 th , as we celebrate Star Wars Day! Chit Chat Bingo clearly have this date in their diary already, as they’re planning a Star Wars extravaganza for the big day. Join us to take a look at what we’ll be geeking out with in this superb promo.

A Sci Fi Party. These guys are clearly Star Wars fans and they’ve got the promo to prove it. Whether you’re a fan of the original trilogy or have only seen the latest movies, you’ll feel right at home with this one. The party starts on the 2 nd of May, so you can have fun before the big day. You’ve got to head into their Royal Room if you want to take part. The party includes all sorts of fab prizes, vouchers and some bonuses too. It definitely seems like the kind of promotion that will be sharing the wealth between lots of players on the site. 

If you do want to take part in this, then it’s important to make sure you’ve made a deposit within the two weeks in the run up to the promotion. If you haven’t and win a real prize, they’ll just gift you with 1000lps instead, so you’ll want to make sure you deposit to get a real prize. There are some other terms to watch out for, you can read these on the promo page at Chit Chat Bingo.

The Full Roster. The room opens up at 7pm and it will be hosted by CM Red, who is always a player favourite. To start with, the game is future prizes. You’ll pick a number at the start of the game and it has to be one that can be mirrored, like 17 and 71. Then, when both of your numbers have been called in the game, you’ve got to type in “In the Future” followed by your two numbers. Following up from there, there’s a trivia session which is ideal for big fans of these films. If you know your Chewbacca from your Skywalkers, then you’ll have to get involved with this half hour of fun.

The first player to type in the correct answer in the chat will get 250lps. You can also look forward to winning Star Wars DVDs if you’re speedy on the keyboard. When 04, 05 and 18 have been called in the next game, you’ve got to type in STAR WARS into the chat. If you’re first then you’ll get a DVD. There are also shopping vouchers up for grabs for FH winners, so you can choose your own merch. Just keep your fingers crossed to be a winner!

We love this social based promo from Chit Chat Bingo, as it’s bound to get players talking in these rooms. CM Red will no doubt have us reminiscing over our favourite Star Wars moments and trivia. Make sure you’ve made a deposit with them if you want to be a winner in this promo.

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