Ladbrokes Bingo Test their Players

If you’ve got great bingo knowledge, then Ladbrokes Bingo is the place that you’ll want to be playing this weather! They’re really putting their players to the test and the outcome is that you’ll get to win some spectacular bonus funds too. Check out everything you need to know about this promotion…

Test your Laddies Logic. So, it’s time to get your brain in gear and test out your Laddies Logic on the site. If you’re a cracking player then you’ll be able to win a new bonus every day this week! It’s a pretty simple setup, they’ll ask you a question and the correct answer is a bonus code. We like that Ladbrokes Bingo have decided to be a bit inventive with this promotion, instead of just handing out a code each day.

The wagering requirements are pretty low on this bonus too, with just 2x required to turn them into cash. This means you might actually be able to win cash from this promotion, rather than just a bonus that gets stuck in your account!

What are the Questions Like? We’ve been keeping our eyes on this promotion for the last couple of days and we can safely say that the questions have been quite tricky so far! This isn’t what we expected, as we figured Ladbrokes Bingo would make it easy for their players to get the bonus code. 

So far, we’ve been asked where bingo originated and even which country uses it within their maths classes. For any interested readers, it originated in Italy and our friends in Germany use it to practice their mathematics!

While you may think we’ve given you a few hints, these quiz days have past so you can no longer use these codes! You can however, head over to Ladbrokes Bingo to see which other questions they have in store for you. Those seem to be the only ones for the history buffs out there, as the rest are a bit easier to claim. While we won’t ruin your fun with these quiz questions, so make sure you go and take part with them. They’ll be quizzing you on pop culture, celebs and bingo lingo too!

Other Promos at Ladbrokes Bingo. While you’re on there claiming your perks from this site, there are some other promotions that you might want to take part in too! They’ve got a great chat based promotion on Wednesday evenings for you to take part in, as they dole out the rewards. There are ten chat games with enhanced prizes, so don’t miss out!

If you live for the weekend then you can start looking forward to their Fri-Yay promotion already! Make a deposit on a Friday and you’ll be given extra loyalty points, which you can even redeem as cash. This is one not to be missed! We’re pretty impressed by Ladbrokes Bingo at the moment, we hope they’ve got something else up their sleeve for when this enticing promotion comes to an end. Test your bingo knowledge for big bonuses!

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