Jackpots and Prizes at Costa Bingo

We’re getting into the warmer weather now, readers, and we had a notion to go and check out Costa Bingo. This sunny bingo site has since rebranded and it now has more of a holiday feel. They’re kicking off this month with some cool prizes, so let’s take a look and see what they have to offer!

Wedding Bells are Ringing
It seems like we simply can’t get away from news and speculation about the upcoming royal wedding. With everything from the guest list to the dress under scrutiny, it’s no surprise the newspapers have a new theory each day. Over at Costa Bingo, you can go ahead and make the most of the royal wedding hype. They want you to ring the wedding bell each day for your chance to win a prize. This is certainly a cute take on the big day! All you need to do is log in to get this promotion kicked off

So what can you win from this promotion? Well, there’s quite a range of prizes to celebrate this big day. You could win real cash, loyalty points, deposit bonuses and more! You can claim your chance to win a prize each day right up until the 19th of May.

You will have had to make a deposit within the last 28 days in order to get your prizes. It’s well worth it to make a deposit to get a daily prize for the remainder of the promotions.

The Friday Big Prize
While you find yourself over at Costa Bingo, you may well want to chance your luck in their range of jackpot games. Within this, you can look forward to taking part in their big prize night, which happens to be on a Friday. This free bingo bonanza will have you winning big, just make a deposit within the week before the game and you’ll be in with the action. There are five of these bingo games taking place over the course of the night, with big prizes in each!

In each of the games, there’s a £1k jackpot, but to make things a bit more interesting, the FH winner gets a larger share as each game goes on. This is great for whoever manages to win the big prize, so keep your fingers crossed that this happens to you towards the end of the night.

At the start of the evening, you’ll have the opportunity to win £500 as the full house prize. By the end of the night, the full house prize goes up to £750! It’s bound to be a fun filled night, especially as it’s all free to funded roomies. If you make a deposit to have a go on the wedding bells, then check out this game too.
Costa Bingo are never ones to disappoint, so why not try your luck on these promotions? We’re certainly going to be making the most of them and hoping for some big wins coming our way! We’ll see you in the lobby!

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