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Our review of PKR Poker

PKR is the genius cross over between a computer game and online poker table. While most other sites feature simple 2D graphics, PKR provides a stunning 3D poker environment complete with life-like characters (known as avatars). You'll get a 100% cash match deposit up to $800 on your first deposit. Just use the bonus code PKRBONUS when you deposit. With all that free cash you'll soon see that PKR's not just a pretty face!

The 3D graphics on the site are stunning and you'll have full control on being able to create your own personality at the table. Players can choose their facial structure, hair style, clothing, and other external visuals of their avatar. There are many actions available for your avatar, you can clap your hands, cry over a bad beat, or egg your opponents into a call. You can move the camera around the table at will - it's hard not to be impressed by this great site. currently offer all the big games in online poker including Texas Hold'em, Omaha, and Omaha H/L. Blinds can be found at the limit tables from the smallest micro-limits, as low as $0.02 big blinds up to a much higher limit of $100/$200. No limit games can also be found at $0.01-$0.02 blinds, and up to $5-$10.

PKR's Sit & Go and Multi-Table Tournaments are mostly in the region of $11 and below. But there are always higher stake options for those who feel confident! As for tournaments, there are various guaranteed prize pools ranging from $200 ($1 +$0.10 buy-in) up to $4,000 ($100 +$9 buy-in) daily. Most of these tournaments see 100-300 entrants and are continually growing. PKR host special $15,000 and $25,000 guaranteed main event prize pools, as well as a larger $100,000 guaranteed tournament. In addition to their regular tournaments they also offer many $50 daily freerolls and $1,000 premium freerolls.

PKR points are really easy to earn, it is possible to earn 150 in a single hand. PKR points can be used to buy cool little items for your avatar but as you gain points these will be a mark of your experience as a poker player - so your avatar will have some cool chip tricks available as you progress. If you've got a massive call to make and you see your opposition is doing some crazy tricks with his chips you'll have the extra information that he's a seasoned vet - just like in real life! Also if you accumulate 3,000 PKR points, you qualify for a free poker strategy book!

Online poker at PKR is very popular with over 800,000 registered players and sign up rates increasing by 50% each week. With the stunning graphics and hoards of unique ideas PKR is definitely the poker site of the future.

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