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Ready Set BingoReady Set BingoReady Set BingoReady Set BingoReady Set Bingo
3 out of 5

Our review of Ready Set Bingo

Ready Set Bingo is not one of OhMyBingo’s recommended sites.

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Want a 50% first deposit bonus? Ready Set Bingo, check!

With all that bingo bonus around, an experienced bingo player might think the jackpots will be low - as we did - but you couldn't be further from the truth with There are huge bingo and slots jackpots with winners regularly creeping over the £4k mark.

Now, what's the worst part of playing bingo? For us, it's signing up...a long boring sign-up form. Yawn. Well, Ready Set Bingo must have heard our cries as they provide a Quick Register feature that will have you playing with your free bingo money quicker than you can say, 'Ready Set Bingo is the best new site out there!'

Ready Set Bingo run a very popular Roomie of the Week feature which always gets a lot of attention from the bingo playing community. They also have a Live Help feature which you can use if you get into any sticky situations, although everything is so simple with the Quick Register form, we didn't need any help.

A final great thing to mention about Ready Set Bingo is their Happy Hour promotion. I know what you're thinking, one hour of the day, perhaps around 6pm, where tickets are Buy One, Get One Free. Am I right? Well, you're wrong I'm afraid, lol! There are 3 Happy Hour bingo periods throughout the day and each lasts for 3 hours - that's 9 hours of happy bingo each and every day! Ready Set Bingo really does seem to have it all - proof that a new site can come into the UK bingo world and make an impact if they do things right. Ready! Set! Bingo!

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