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cheese and onion pie
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cheese and onion pie

0ne pack ready made pastry, unless you can make your own

block of mature chesse 

1 or two toms

large onion

1 to 2 pound of potatoes or big bag of mash potatoe

salt peppe



roll pastry and put in pie or flan dish , whatever you have greese sides first

grate the block of cheese chop onions and peel potaoes unless you have ready made mash

boil potaotoes till soft then add butter

 salt pepper to taste,

add cheese and onins and mix together

then add to dish

add extra cheese on top and sliced tomatoes

then put in oven for 30 to 45 mins and vola 

a very tasty dish


tip.... try  tinned tomatoes that have simmered for 30 to 45 mins over the top of your chesse and onion pie very tasty


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