The Sun Bingo Numbers


You don't have to buy The Sun Newspaper to find the Sun Bingo numbers for today (or yesterday for that matter) you can find them right here on direct from the Sun Bumper Bingo Numbers Facebook page.

The Sun Newspaper

The Sun Newspaper publishes the daily bingo numbers through social media accounts which you can also find on Twitter and on Facebook.

The Sun Bingo numbers are published everyday Monday through to Friday, and they also publish them for Saturday and Sunday too.

Why not try Sun Bingo online instead of looking for the numbers in the newspaper? Sun Bingo have their own dedicated bingo game which is powered by Virtue Fusion software from Playtech and is one of the best software providers for bingo out there.

More about The Sun Newspaper

Did you know the Sun Newspaper started out as broadsheet, first published in in September 1964 and it measured about 20 x 23 inches which is about 749mm x 597mm? Quite a handful we think!

Nowadays, the paper is much smaller in size and is known as a tabloid newspaper, measuring 17 x 11 inches or 432mm x 279mm in metric terms. Much easier to handle and read.

Interesting facts about The Sun Newspaper

This is great for pub quizzes: The Sun Newspaper was originally called the Daily Herald!

More interesting facts:

  • The Sun Newspaper became a tabloid in 1969
  • It is published by the News Group Newspapers
  • The News Group are headquartered in London at 1 London Bridge, London SE1 9GF
  • The Sun Newspaper is now one of the largest (and most read) newspapers in the UK
  • It has the biggest circulation of any other daily newspaper in the United Kingdom!
  • In 2012, The Sun on Sunday was launched and it replaced the (infamous for many reasons) News of the World newspaper .

If you want entertainment, gossip, celebrity paparazzi photos and bingo numbers, then The Sun Newspaper and The Sun on Sunday certainly provides all this and more!

Scottish Sun Bingo numbers

It's also worth noting that there is a Scottish version of the Sun Newspaper, but the bingo numbers are the same as they are in England.